Time :Free Consultation on every sunday 09 am to 12.30 pm

Key points of kalp :

  • A Specialized “ Orthopedic, Spine, Joint & Sports Injury Clinic”
  • Trained In Internationally Accredited Pain Management Techniques
  • As we advance towards a greener ,harmful chemical containing medicine free technologies for relieving pain and improve quality of life, at kalp we use the most modern technologies and techniques to ease your pain with no ill effects.
  • The techniques and technologies we use at kalp are highly specific to cure the structure which is injured and gives pain e.g. Muscular, Fascia, Joints, Nerves & Central Problems etc
  • We at kalp strike the right chord of treatment modalities than bombarding the patients with many treatment options, thereby reducing your treatment cost to bare minimum.
  • We believe the treatment should aim at a patient as a whole which includes physical and psychological than just the area of pain or dysfunction which helps us in selecting appropriate treatment for you.