Things You Should Know Before Going to a Back Pain Physiotherapist

Are you fed up with your Back pain? Do all your efforts of changing your pillow, your mattress or, changing the sitting and sleeping positions go futile? If you are feeling discomfort in your back pain then, a back pain physiotherapist can be your savior. Physiotherapy relieves joint pains and relaxes the muscles. They use treatment and techniques to relieve back pain.

Back Pain Physiotherapist doing therapy process to a man

Why do I need a back pain physiotherapist?

Back pain causes discomfort and hinders the ability of a person in performing day-to-day activities. A back pain physiotherapist can cure various types of back pain.

  • No specific lower back pain-  In this type of back pain, there is no cause identified such as any medical condition or injury.
  • Sciatic pain- In this pain, the pain runs from the back down to the legs, which may be because of a prolapsed disc. In prolapsed disc, the disc in the spine bulges out and exerts pressure on the nerve.
  • Back pain caused due to the aging of the disc on the spine is known as degenerative disc disease.
  • Spinal stenosis- This pain happens because of the narrowing of space around the spinal cord and as a result of which, pressure is exerted on the spinal cord.

What will happen when you will visit a back pain physiotherapist?

When you visit a physiotherapist for your back pain, he will ask you questions about your lifestyle, any medication if you on, where you feel pain and what causes it. They may examine your movements and postures. They can also do a neurological assessment to see if your nerves are functioning well. They may opt for any of the below-discussed treatments to relieve their backache. After your first session, the therapist may ask you to come for other sessions depending upon the severity of your back pain. He may also recommend you to follow some exercises at home, like improving your posture while sitting or standing.  Physiotherapy has two components- Active therapy and Manual therapy. Let’s discuss a bit about them.

Active Therapy:

In active therapy, your physiotherapist will ask you to do some physical exercises. The more active you will be, the more flexible, mobile, and strong your lower back will become. Let’s talk about some exercises that your physiotherapist may recommend to you.

Aerobic Exercise:

These exercises increase the heart rate and help in nobility. They are also used to manage your weight. Your physiotherapist may ask you to go walking, swimming or, a step machine. Physiotherapist generally recommends this exercise to be done for 30 minutes each day for five days in a week.

Stretching Exercise:

These exercises get you rid of stiffness in your muscles and will reduce stress in muscles that are supporting your spine. Your physiotherapist may ask you to lie on your back and bring knees towards you to stretch your back or, he may ask you to stretch backward by stretching your hamstring muscles in the back of your leg. This exercise will alleviate tension in your lower back.

Strengthening Exercise:

These exercises help to strengthen your core muscles like a muscle around the stomach area, muscles in the back, or around the pelvis area. These exercises are most useful for the short term.

Manual therapies

You may be recommended for some hand therapies by your physiotherapist. These techniques will work in combination with exercises. If you ever searched for manual therapist near me but you could not find the right physiotherapist. You might choose Kalp Health Care for your next physiotherapy session.


In this technique, a therapist will stretch your spine, moving his hands slowly and gently.


In this technique, a therapist will put thrust by pressing certain points over your spine.

Who should you go: Osteopath or physiotherapist for back pain?

If you are perplexed about whether you should go for an Osteopath or physiotherapist, then let’s discuss both of them. Both of these treatments are effective in the treatment of back pain but, they slightly differ in their approaches.


The focus of physiotherapy is to return the body to its original form. It looks for the causes of discomfort in joints, muscles, nerves and, bones and then treats them by exercises and manual therapy.

Osteopath –

An osteopath will check the overall well-being of your body. He will use manual therapies to cure the pain in your bones, muscles, and joints.

Both methods are effective in treating back pain but, they differ by the methods of their treatment. You should consult a specialist before deciding to go for physiotherapist for back pain


Physiotherapy is the solution to back pain but, it is not all that can help. You need to do some exercises, change your lifestyle, improving sitting and standing posture. Also, if you are looking for a back pain physiotherapist, then always do your homework of searching them online or asking your family and friends.