Amino Therapy

The entrepreneurial couple Mikel H-G Hoff and Sanne Kiilerich founded Amino HealthCare ApS together with 2 Danish lawyers.
Mikel H-G Hoff has invented the Amino Bio Frequency Therapy that includes a diverse frequency patch product, a clinical examination method and elements of manual therapy.
Overall Corporation, CE registrations, staff, distribution, concept development and communication material etc. is taken care of by the company’s CEO Sanne Kiilerich.
We aim our therapy towards professional therapists that consider themselves amongst the best but with an urge to improve their skills and help their clients to yet another level.
Top Physiotherapists, Manual therapists, holistic MD’s, sports injury and performance therapists is a good match with the Amino Bio Frequency Therapy.
These patches is ONLY for professional therapists, and can be purchased after first course is completed, each course instructs in the use of different patches. It takes completion and examination of 6 courses of Amino Pain Therapist education to gain the certification that allows purchasing the whole range of patches.
It’s not just a patch it’s a full therapy using a medical device class 1. In Europe the patches is CE marked in the US the FDA registers them The story and the development of the therapy;
Mikel H-G Hoff is specialist in Nerve system signaling and function and the body’s ability to heal it self thru this and with further knowledge in Muscle and lymphatic system this gives a holistic approach to the body and its symptoms. Furthermore he is a sports psychologist and Manual therapist and sports injury therapist.

During his education 25 years ago he learned that the body as a whole is controlled by the nerve system and the nerve system alone, therefore it also controls all the body functions and self-healing processes.
All body functions are led by frequencies. Ability to control the frequencies helps healing even when other treatments cannot Amino BioFrequency Therapy focuses on repairing weakened frequencies in the body and normalizes the body functions. Developed based on the knowledge gathered on the impact of antioxidants on the cells and the bio chemical reactions in the body.

Contains no chemicals Improvements shows within 10-15 minutes from patches application BioFrequency Therapy What does Amino BioFrequency do Amino BioFrequency Therapy consists of thin circular patches applied directly to the skin. They send electrical frequencies through the electro molecules in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process. By improving the signalling directly at the cellular level, without the use of chemicals or machines, the results are not only fast, they are without side effects.
If a weak frequency can be restored, the body gets back the ability to self heal.
Protocol does not contradict any medical treatment or have any known side effects. Detox symptoms may occur as the added frequencies cleanses the cells from toxins and inflammation.