Laser Therapy

Experts use L.A.S.E.R. therapy to heal wounds and pain by amplifying low-intensity laser light. This therapy helps to repair damage to soft tissue, and restore normal cell function. By
doing this, it relieves the pain caused by the injury.


Pre & Post

Lasers have a number of therapeutic benefits that can help to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase levels of ATP, which in turn accelerates the repair process of cells. Additionally, it can help to reduce levels of pro-inflammatory molecules and increase levels of beneficial antioxidants.
  • It can help speed up the healing process by stimulating the growth of new tissue.
  • Recovery from nerve injury reduces aches and pains by decreasing nerve sensitivity.
  • It reduces the formation of fibrous/scar tissue. It also improves the vascular activity in the body.
  • Promotes bone and cartilage formation

Pre therapy preparation of the patient skin

Before starting with the treatment, it’s important to cleanse the skin to reduce its resistance. By applying gels, sprays, or water to the skin, you can lower the resistance and better prepare the skin for the treatment.

Samiksha Kapoor

I had been dealing with chronic neck pain for 6 years before I decided to visit Dr. K.K. Kant. I'm so glad I did because he not only cured me within 15 days, but he was also an amazing doctor and human being throughout the entire process. His dry needling and cupping therapy were extremely effective and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for similar issues.

Charu Sain

I found the best physiotherapist in Dr Kant sir. I had severe back pain since 2011 and a friend told me about this clinic and the doctor. The result was unbelievable in just one week. The dry needling and cupping therapy he does is magic. I strongly recommend him if you have pain anywhere in your body.

Dinesh Mor

Being a cricketer suffering from back pain is one of the worst things, I strongly recommend you check out KALP HEALTH CARE. A friend told me about the doctor and the results were amazing - I was pain-free within a week! The dry needling and cupping therapy he does is nothing short of magical.

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Who is a Kalp Specialist?

Dr. K. K. Kant is the Founder of Kalp Health Care, located in the sub-city of Dwarka, New Delhi.

There are trial & success methods to treat pain but as a seasoned  professionals, we know when and bhow to combine clinical reasoning with manual therapy, modalities, and recent EBP to restore mobility & rejuvenate life.

Dr. K. K. Kant has a keen interest in Ortho – Sports – Spine – Pelvic Floor – Foot field and advanced manual therapy.