Pre-Post Operative Rehab

Pre- Rehab

Pre-Rehab, or pre-hab for short, is an exercise program designed to prepare a person physically and mentally for surgery to optimize the chance for a successful outcome and a quick recovery. Generally, the more fit and active you are going into surgery the more likely you are to retain a higher level of function after surgery and rehab more quickly.

People undergoing Prehab, tend to have less post-operative pain and fewer complications.

It enhances pre-surgical conditioning program.

Post- Rehab

Any type of surgery – no matter how small the procedure may be – always leaves some form of tissue damage. Not only is the intended target mended, but all the surrounding tissues are damaged in the process as well. This is why our body produces scar tissue.
Scar tissue not only occurs in our body, but also on the surface of our skin. Even our bones callus over and remodel years later. While our tissues are healing, scar tissue restricts movement.

However, all the current research indicates that early movement and return of normal physiologic motion will cause the tissues to heal in the appropriately aligned, mobile and extensible state that they should.

For what types of surgeries can a patient benefit from KALP HEALTH CARE?

  • Orthopaedic surgeries: Joint replacements and open reduction internal fixations to “minor” arthroscopic procedures, all surgeries can benefit to speed-up recovery and optimize efficient function. 
  • Non-orthopaedic surgeries:  Heart surgery, appendectomy, abdominal surgeries etc. need skilled therapy. 
  • C – Section: C-section, or Cesarean birth is the surgical delivery of a baby through a cut (incision) made in the mother’s abdomen and uterus, the underlying scar tissue will alter the normal mechanics of the body and lead to pain.

My doctor has specific instructions and exercises for me. How will that fit in with the Kalp Health Care approach?

We promise to always follow your surgeon’s protocol for a range of motion limitations, weight-bearing status and level of resistance you can utilize. We will stay in close contact with your surgeon to keep him/her updated on your progress.