Local stabilization

It’s more important to focus on muscle activation when working out, rather than just building muscle strength. You need proximal stability to generate maximal strength. And when it comes down to it, your unconscious reaction and the speed of your contraction are more important than raw power.

Global Stabilization: Neuromuscular Chains

The “muscle sling” – the loops and chains of muscle that connect your core to your extremities – affect the quality of your movement as a whole.

SMT will improve your back strength and posture compared to just trunk strengthening because balance and reflexive stabilization are more important than raw strength in functional activities.


The instability of the exercise ball during floor exercises can actually be used to your advantage. The ball was designed to add an element of difficulty to the exercise that would not be found in a traditional floor exercise. By working with the ball, you can help improve your balance and coordination.


The exercise ball is effective in rehabilitation because it helps to strengthen and develop the core body muscles. This is important because the muscles of the lower back and abdomen serve as a solid foundation for posture and everyday activities.


  • Impaired Posture
  • Impaired Joint Mobility
  • Impaired ROM Muscle Length
  • Impaired Sensory/Reflex Integrity
  • Impaired Motor Function – Increase muscle activation, Improve firing patterns
  • Impaired Balance/Gait
  • Impaired Muscular Performance
  • Impaired Function
  • Impaired Aerobic Capacity


  • Exercise Ball Clinical Outcomes
  • Increased muscular strength, speed & endurance
  • Improved firing patterns
  • Improved postural stability

Exercise Ball Training


  • Variety of postures and exercises
  • Increases muscular activation
  • Activates muscles reflexively


There are two primary types of resistance training:

  • Elastic
  • Isotonic

Each one has its own strength curve. A study conducted recently proved that elastic resistance training is just as successful as isotonic weight machines when it comes to increasing strength and muscle mass. So, no matter what type of resistance training you opt for, you can rest assured knowing that you’re reaping the most benefits from your workout routine.

Latex vs. Latex-Free Bands

It’s important to be aware of the potential reactions that can occur when it comes to latex allergies, as they can range from sneezing to anaphylaxis. That’s why, at KALP HEALTH CARE, we always ask patients about potential allergies prior to using elastic resistance bands and tubing. We offer latex-free resistance bands that provide the same quality and trusted resistance progression.