Sports Injury Rehab

Sports injuries can set athletes back, as they often occur when the individual is training hard for their next event. But with sports rehab, individuals can overcome pain and return to their routine activities. Our sports rehab solution helps people recover from many
different types of injuries, including those from popular sports such as golf, cricket, tennis, football, badminton and swimming, among others. However, the duration of rehab varies depending on the injury and the person.

Injury prevention starts well before the game itself. It begins with recognizing and strengthening the weak links in a biomechanical chain. These weak links are usually muscle imbalances, where one set of muscles is weak and the other is compensating for it. This can lead to cumulative stress on certain structures over time, which can eventually lead to injury. These structures can be identified through pre-participation screening.

As a specialized sports physiotherapy clinic we provide:

Pre-participation Screening

  • Fitness assessment-strength, flexibility, endurance and agility
  • Biomechanical assessment to identify the weak link in a body


  • Strengthening of the weak link identified in pre-participation screening
  • Sports specific training
  • Sports specific individualized nutrition guidance


Traumatic Injury – Traumatic injuries that happen during a game usually require immediate medical attention and the athlete usually has to sit out until he or she is healed. However, sometimes these types of injuries need surgery as well as post-operative rehabilitation in order to recover properly.

What is the role of sports rehab?

  • Helps in complete recovery
  • Reducing pain and stiffness
  • Decrease downtime of injury
  • Sport performance enhancement

How does sports rehab work?

  • Stabilises JROM
  • Improve flexibility
  • Normalize muscle function
  • Enhance muscle strength
  • Regularise joint Proprioception
  • Help to regain complete strength
  • Normalize co-ordination
  • Helps to achieve better sports function than pre-injury